Ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabi which is for dancers from age two years. The RAD is the leading dance organisation in the world and sets standards for classical ballet globally through its examination system. The syllabi encourages the highest standards of technique, artistry and musicality, promoting enjoyment and achievement. For the youngest dancers the syllabi has a holistic approach allowing nursery and pre-schoolers to explore movement and music in a fun, imaginative, creative way, learning the basic foundations of classical ballet and discovering what their bodies can do in a fun story-led class.

These classes are a huge success, in popular demand and often little ballerinas desperately want to share their passion with their family and friends in open day classes and performances.

The RAD syllabi leads to an optional exam at each level. Students move through each grade at their own pace and those not wishing to take an exam are able to continue to the next level. RAD Exams become progressively more challenging as students develop and for senior dancers are often used as a benchmark for full time vocational dance schools or to strengthen university applications as some levels carry UCAS points.

Throughout, the syllabi focuses on developing a poised, strong and supple body and a thinking dancer who can independently recall choreography and understand a range of concepts which relate to science, languages, maths, music and theatre. The syllabi also develops dancers’ communication, creativity, imagination and interpretation skills and is an engaging, exciting and enjoyable body of work.

For more information regarding the syllabi and the societies work and examination systems please visit the following websites:

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