Our Examination Process

Dancers are invited to undertake an examination, after approximately four terms of study, for the majority of levels. Examination days are very special for our dancers and are always remembered with treasured memories. On arrival at the local venue, the dancers undertake the traditional ballerina and dancer preparations- they must ensure they are wearing the correct ballet and dance attire and have their hair beautifully groomed (with flower and ribbon accessories for the girls) in a specific style, all of which is set by the exam board.

They enter the examination room with their friends and showcase their hard work and achievement unaided. The dancers perform for a highly trained and specialised examiner who has often travelled from Europe or further afield. The examiner rewards the dancers who reach the required standard with an internationally recognised certificate (and in the case of ballet exams, a medal). Each grade is recognised on the Government’s Qualifications and Credit Framework. The dancers are rewarded for their dance technique, musicality and performance skills.

Preparation for an exam takes considerable commitment, passion and hard work. However, the sense of enjoyment and pride shown by our ballerinas and dancers, when returning from the exam room is exceptionally special.

The exam board specifies the approximate number of study hours required for each level and in order to meet this, and prepare the students to the best of their ability Motion Arts requires dancers to attend twice weekly lessons. Dancers unable to commit to this, are regrettably unable to take the examination. However, if parents/carers and dancers wish to experience the excitement of an examination day, there are several possibilities Motion Arts can offer as a registered school with the exam boards. Please contact Miss Lauren if you are interested in the alternatives!

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