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Reviewed August 2019

Motion Arts Dance Academy

In order for Motion Arts Dance Academy to comply with new EU regulations known as the General Data Protection Regulations (May 2018), this notice is intended to provide information about how Motion Arts Dance Academy collects, processes, stores and shares staff, pupil, parent/carer and volunteer’s data.

This Privacy Notice also applies in addition to Motion Arts Dance Academy’s Terms and Conditions of Registration (updated 2018), Data Protection Policy (updated 2018) and Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (updated 2018).

What personal data does Motion Arts Dance Academy collect?

Motion Arts Dance Academy will collect data regarding pupils’ names, dates of birth, contact details (address, telephone and email) and medical information in order to provide the best possible activities and services and in addition to protect and safeguard pupils.

Who is collecting the Data?

Motion Arts Dance Academy’s selected and specific administrators collect data.

How is the data collected?

Generally, Motion Arts Dane Academy receives personal data regarding pupils’ directly from their individual parent/carer. Data is largely collected through hard copy enrolment forms which are kept and maintained securely. Data is also collected electronically via email and via The School’s website enquiry form.

Why does Motion Arts Dance Academy need to collect this data?

Personal Data such as name, age and medical information is required in order to provide the best possible activities and services, and to protect and safeguard pupils. Contact details for parent(s)/carer(s) is required in order to communicate information about Motion Arts Dance Academy and its services.

How will Data be used?

Data is inputted into a password protected Excel Spreadsheet to generate class lists, registers, and a summary of school fees for each pupil. Only the Principal has access to this. To ensure the wellbeing of pupils during class, rehearsal, performances and workshops, the relevant teacher will hold a hard copy of the pupils’ details with whom they are working with. The details included in this information are pupil name, their parent/carer’s emergency contact numbers and medical conditions.

Who has access to Data?

For the most part, personal data collected by Motion Arts Dance Academy will remain within the school, and processed and shared with individuals on a ‘need to know basis.’ Securely protected files are routinely accessed by The Principal. From time to time, selected and specific teachers/administrators within the school are given supervised access as and when required. Motion Arts Dance Academy will not place any data online other than posting forenames of pupils involved in newsworthy events if and when parent(s)/carer(s) have provided consent. In the event of an accident/emergency and relevant emergency services becoming involved with a pupils’ wellbeing such as the Ambulance Service, personal information will be provided by The School to ensure appropriate action is taken in a timely manner.

Motion Arts Dance Academy has a legal responsibility to protect and safeguard pupils. The School will co-operate with the police and children’s social care to ensure that all relevant information including appropriate personal data is shared for the purposes of a child protection investigation or referral under section 47 of the Children’s Act 1989, in accordance with the requirements of the Working Together To Safeguard Children (March 2015).

Does any other organisation associated with the school collect Data?

Both the Royal Academy of Dance, and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing require candidates’ personal data for the purposes of entering for a Ballet, Tap or Modern Jazz examination. These organisations have their own Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policies. In order, to enter a pupil for an examination, Motion Arts Dance Academy will require parent(s)/carer(s) to give consent for their child’s data to be submitted on the entry form.

How secure is my Data?

All electronic data including one back-up copy is maintained using software which is password protected. Access is only granted to authorised individuals and under the supervision of the Principal. None of the data is accessible online. Hard copy documents are kept securely in a private dwelling with reasonable security measures. Motion Arts Dance Academy will take reasonable measures to ensure data is not lost or stolen or viewed by unauthorised persons. GDPR procedures must be completed when reporting a breach or suspected breach of data security.

Can I view my data being held or request it is deleted?

Parent/carer(s) and pupils have the right to view their data being held by Motion Arts Dance Academy. This is known as a ‘Data Access Request’ and Motion Arts Dance Academy is legally obliged to respond to the request within 30 days. Consent must be provided either in writing or in the form of a signature to ‘opt in’ to data being collected, stored and used. It is therefore, the data subject’s right to withdraw this consent and request that any information is deleted.

How long will Data be kept?

Motion Arts Dance Academy will retain personal data securely and only in line with how long it is necessary to keep for a legitimate and lawful reason. Typically the legal recommendation is up to 7 years following departure from Motion Arts Dance Academy. Incident reports and safeguarding files are kept in accordance with the specific legal requirements. If parent(s)/carer(s) believe that data is no longer relevant and data should be considered for erasure please contact The Principal to make a Subject Access Request.

Date: May 2018

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